Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014: progress report

I wrote 3 books (Volume 1) in the Endless American Dream series last year. I originally planned to release them immediately, but now I decided I'm going to wait.

I want to get Volume 2 done and Volume 3 almost done then I'll release Volume 1. I'll do my original plan (one book at a time, or buy the volume and get a deal). Then a year later, I'll release Volume 2. And a year after that, it's Volume 3.

Then it's on to the next set of books, the 2nd generation of this family.

Oh, yes. I have big plans:

9 books for the 1st generation.
3 books for the 2nd generation.
3 books for the 3rd generation.

Maybe a bit ambitious (heck, I may die before I finish!) but I have goals.

Now to clear the decks and get working on Volume 2. I've set a goal of the end of the year for a good draft of all 3 books. I wrote 2 mysteries earlier this year, so that will keep my publisher happy while I work on the Dream books.

Fingers don't fail me now.